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Wachendorff Automation encoders
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Wachendorff Automation encoders 
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Fastest and most compact PROFINET encoder in the world

With its new WDGA58F design, Wachendorff has succeeded in constructing the world's smallest design in an axial and radial direction.
The encoders are able to keep pace with the latest PLC technologies thanks to the minimum bus cycle time of 125 µs.
The single-turn area, with innovative QuattroMag® technology, provides highest resolution, precision and internal dynamics.
In the area of the multi-turn, the encoders come with maintenance-free and space-saving EnDra® technology.

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Length measurement system LMSMA2x/3x

The positions, speeds and travel lengths of conveyor belts, film and paper webs or cardboard packaging, for example, can be recorded safely and efficiently using the measuring systems from Wachendorff Automation. With the new LMSMA2x and LMSMA3x measuring systems, we meet the highest requirements in an ideal way.

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Measuring system LMSLA12 for marking and labeling

The new measuring system LMS LA12 is a perfectly tuned, preassembled complete system for use in the field of marking and labelling.

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Encoder WDGI

Encoder WDGI ... el nuevo estándar incremental de la industria

Wachendorff Automations ha perfeccionado completamente los encoders incrementales de la serie WDG basados en el tamaño de 58 mm estándar de la industria.
La consecuencia: pasar de WDG a WDGI

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Encoder WDGA-DP; Clase 1, 2, 3, 4 conmutable

A la hora de elegir un encoder absoluto PROFIBUS-DP, un usuario normalmente debe determinar el perfil de encoder que desea aplicar. Sin embargo, cuando con el paso del tiempo cambian las condiciones y funciones deseadas, el cambio de perfil exige a menudo la sustitución del encoder existente.

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Three intensive days

on the sps ipc drives 2016
in Nürnberg

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