Kai Nagel

Apoyo y asesoramiento técnico para encoders incrementales

Marc Geccelli

Apoyo y asesoramiento técnico para encoders absolutos

Remote support via TeamViewer

Via TeamViewer, a member of our "Technical Support" team can see your desktop. Remotely, our support engineer can work on the support case together with you on your computer. This makes the support process easier and faster for you.

Please only install the software if you are asked to do so by our support engineer.

TeamViewer Disclaimer
You are planning to establish a remote access -PC session with a Wachendorff support technician.
Note: By starting the TeamViewer software you accept the disclaimer when using TeamViewer.

Exclusion of liability when using TeamViewer
Wachendorff does not assume any warranty for the programs installed on your computer, nor for their protective devices. The customer is solely responsible for his own data security; regular backups and an up-to-date virus protection programme are assumed by Wachendorff.
Wachendorff accepts no liability for faults not caused by her, even if they are in temporal proximity to the support provided. By downloading, you confirm the acceptance of the online support agreement and start downloading the TeamViewer Quick Support software. Please also note § 4 Project Planning and Consultation services and § 12 Limitation of Liability of our General Terms and Conditions:

If we change settings, parameters or values in an online access, e.g. Team Viewer, this is always done on your behalf and we assume no liability for this.