Capture the rotational movement of the undercarriage

To help passengers exit the plane without complications its essential to position the passenger boarding bridge correctly on the runway. The PROFINET absolute rotary encoder WDGA 58B is cabable of detecting the exact position of the boarding bridge.
The encoder is available with different absolute interfaces.

Important features:

  • EnDra®: maintenance-free and environmentally friendly
  • PROFINET-IO, Single-turn/Multi-turn
  • Compact design with bus cover
  • Single-turn/Multi-turn (max. 16 bit/43 bit)
  • Forward-looking technology
  • 2 colour-duo LED´s as indicator for operating condition and bus status and 2 L/A LED´s
  • High shaft load up to 220 N radial, 120
  • Unit profile: switchable, Class 3, 4

Measuring vertical and horizontal fork movements of a forklift truck

The SZG140 draw-wire-system is used to accurately measure the fork height of a forklift. and can be integrated into the mast to save space. It‘s also possible to detect sideways fork movements for automatic presetting to different pallet sizes. Our draw-wire-systems are available with rope lengths up to 40 m and incremental or absolute encoders.

Important features:

  • Measuring lengths up to 5.0 m
  • Compact housing
  • High resolution
  • Incremental and absolute versions
  • Quick mounting
  • High precision mechanics with high linearity