Universal Industrial Ethernet Absolute Encoder

Protocol selection by click

  • Protocol selectable via web server
  • Solid shaft, end hollow shaft and smallest encoder in the world
  • All functions can be used even with the fastest cycle times
  • Optimizes storage costs

One hardware multiple protocols

Do you use different protocols on your machines? You carry out repairs and don‘t always know what to expect?  With our WDGA universal IE encoder you are completely flexible. You do not have to worry about the correct protocol or e.g. the correct resolution and number of rotations while placing your order. Through the website provided by our encoder, you have the option of importing the required protocol at any time. Without tools or programming adapters. All you need is a PC with a network card whose IP address you can set yourself and a web browser of your choice. It takes less than 5 minutes to install the protocol.

Extremely high bearing loads guarantee a long service life and a long operating time. In addition to the outstanding mechanical properties, the latest electronic components and the latest communication and encoder profiles are used. These very robust absolute encoders with magnetic sensor allow, due to the new high-precision and highly dynamic technologies, the use in areas in which up to now only absolute encoders with optical principle could be used.


Multiturn with EnDra®-Technology
  • Software adjustable up to 43 Bit multiturn
  • no battery and no gear


Single-turn with QuattroMag® technology
  • Resolution software adjustable up to 16 bit singleturn 
  • Accuracy ± 0.0878° (≤12 bit) 
  • Repeat accuracy ± 0.0878° (≤12 bit) 
  • Internal dynamic of 50 µs
Technical Data: 

Types: clamping flange / synchro flange / hollow shaft (blind-bored) 
Power supply/Current consumption: 10 VDC up to 32 VDC; typ. 125 mA
Power consumption: typ. 3 W
Operating temperature: -40 °C up to +85 °C, -40 °F up to +176 °F 

Sensor data:

Single-turn: patented QuattroMag® technology 
Single-turn resolution: up to 65,536 steps/360° (16 bit) 
Single-turn accuracy: ±0.0878° (≤ 12 bit) 
Single-turn repeat accuracy: ± 0.0878° (≤ 12 bit) 
Internal cycle time: 50 µs 
Multi-turn: patented EnDra® technology no battery and no gear. 
Multi-turn resolution: up to 43 bit

ProtocolDevice / encoder profileCycle timeFunctionsWebserver

V4.1, Class 3, 4

up to 250 µs



Encoder Class C 3
CoE (CiA 406), EoE, FoE

up to 50 µs



Logo EtherNet/IP

Conformance getested nach Version CT-18,
Specification Vol 2, Ed 1.29,
CIP Specification Vol 1, Ed 3.31
up to 1 msPosition Sensor, DLR, Qos,
ACD, Multi-und Unicast
Your advantages at a glance:
  • Optimizing storage capacities
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Flexible with spare parts
  • Smallest design
  • Future-proof thanks to high internal dynamics and update function via web server