Encoder redundant WDGE 58B
absolute magnetic - incremental optical
Clamping flange: Ø 58 mm

Shaft: Ø 10 mm
Protection housing to IP65, IP67, shaft sealed to IP65

 General technical data incr. encoders
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  • Redundant: two independent encoders in one
  • Diversity: two measuring principles (optical / magnetic)
  • Compact design with bus cover
  • incremental up to 5000 ppr, absolute 16 bit singleturn 43 bit multiturn
  • Highest bearing loads up to 220 N radial, 120 N axial
Product details

Flange: clamping flange

Flange material: aluminium

Housing cap: steel case chrome-plated, magnetic shielding

Connection cover: zinc-plated

Housing: Ø 58 mm

Shaft material:
stainless steel
Starting torque: approx. 1 Ncm at ambient temperature

Shaft: Ø 10 mm
Shaft length L: 20 mm
Max. Permissible shaft loading radial 220 N
Max. Permissible shaft loading axial 120 N

Bearings type: 2 precision ball bearings
Nominale service life:
1 x 10'9 revs. at 100 % rated shaft load
1 x 10'10 revs. at 40 % rated shaft load
1 x 10'11 revs. at 20 % rated shaft load
Max. operating speed:  8000 rpm

General Data
approx. 440.5 g
Connections: connector outlet
Protection rating (EN 60529): Housing: IP65, IP67, shaft sealed: IP65

Operating temperature: Connector: -40 °C up to +85 °C, 1 Vpp: -10 °C up to +70 °C
Storage temperature: Connector: -30 °C up to +85 °C

Resolution: Max. pulses per revolution up to 5000 PPR

Electrical Data

Power supply/Current consumption
4.75 VDC up to 5.5 VDC: typ. 100 mA
5 VDC up to 30 VDC: typ. 70 mA
10 VDC up to 30 VDC: typ. 100 mA

Output circuit
TTL, RS422 compatible, inv. HTL
HTL, inv.
1 Vpp sin/cos

Pulse frequency:
up to 5000 ppr: max. 200 kHz
1 Vpp sin/cos: max. 100 kHz

Channels: ABN and inverted signals

max. 40 mA / channel
@ 1 Vpp sin/cos: min. 120 Ohm

Circuit protection: 10 VDC up to 30 VDC, HTL only

Singleturn resolution up to 65,536 steps/360° (16 bit)
Multiturn resolution up to 43 bit.

Electrical Data
Power supply/Current consumption:
10 VDC up to 32 VDC: typ. 50 mA

Communication profile CiA 301
Device profile for encoders CiA 406 V3.2 class C2
Baud rate: 10 kBaud to 1 MBaud with automatic bit rate detection.

Clock frequency: 100 kHz to 500 kHz
Output code: Gray or binary

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